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Keyshia Cole's Music Videos for
'I Choose You' - 'Trust & Believe'

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Keyshia Cole I Choose You Only Keyshia

Keyshia Cole kicked off her “Woman To Woman Tour” earlier this week. Being the generous songstress that she is, Keyshia put on a competition to allow a lucky fan to be welcomed on stage to sing the track “Woman To Woman” with the songstress.

We also asked our readers to vote on what songs they’re looking forward to seeing Keyshia perform. Currently, ‘I Choose You’ is the lead winner. Due to that, we have footage of Keyshia performing the record and other performances of fan favourite records from the “Woman To Woman” album, for all those who won’t be able to see her on tour this time around.

Chrisette Michele is the opening act on the “Woman To Woman Tour”. Don’t forget to check the tour dates to see when these two phenomenal ladies will be within a city near you to perform their hits. After you’ve checked the tour dates, refer back to this post to see Keyshia kick off her “Woman To Woman Tour” below

‘Woman To Woman’ [With Fan]

‘Shoulda Let You Go/I Changed My Mind’

‘I Choose You’

‘Trust And Believe’

‘Missing Me/I Just Want It Be Over’

‘Let It Go’

‘Enough Of No Love’

Shoutout to Jamal Savage!

What do we think of the performances?

2 Responses to “Keyshia Cole Brings Fan On Stage During “Woman To Woman Tour””

  1. Jamal Savage Says:

    You are more than welcome. Thanks for giving me the shout out. Most blogs don’t do that but I hope you enjoyed the videos. It’s another great video up of her performing I Choose You in DC along with a marriage proposal and it was GREAT! Check it out. Feel free to email me and keep me posted I can help with the blog.

  2. davidmariah Says:

    Please set list thanks

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